Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris Expressing Pride

A. Pengertian.

Sebelum melihat beberapa contoh dialog bahasa Inggris tentang expressing pride, mari kita pelajari dulu pengertiannya. Expressing Pride adalah suatu ungkapan untuk menunjukkan rasa bangga terhadap sebuah pencapaian atau prestasi yang didapat oleh orang lain atau diri sendiri. Banyak ungkapan yang dapat digunakan, salah satunya dan yang paling sering adalah proud of.

B. Contoh Dialog Expressing Pride.

Happy     I took our son’s book report this morning. You know what? his rank is the first in his class.
For real?
Happy     Yes, of course. Look at this.
wow, I can’t believe it. Where as, he was the twentieth rank last semester.
Happy     He has been studying hard for along this time.
yeah, I know that. I’m proud of him.

Father   Hi son, have you accomplished your home work?
Son        yes, I have. But now I have to help mum to clean the back yard.
wow, you are indeed my great son. I’m so proud of you.
Son        Thanks. It’s my duty to help my parents as far as I can.

John    Good morning Jane. What are you doing?
Jane    Morning John. I’m cleaning up our classroom.
John    Wow, you’re so diligent. I’m proud of you.
Jane    Thanks. But I think it’s every one ‘ responsibility to take care of our environment.
John    Sure, but unfortunately a lot of people do not realize it.
Jane    Therefore, many people still throw away their trash every where.
John    Yes, thus I feel proud of every one who can be bothered to throw their trash away they are very disciplined and help to keep the environment clean.
Jane   Okay, but would you stop talking now and help me clean the classroom, please
My pleasure.

Demikianlah penjelasan tentang pengertian dan Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris Expressing Pride. Semoga membantu dan jika menurut kamu tulisan ini bermanfaat, mohon sharenya melalui tombol Like atau dengan meninggalkan komentar di bawah ini. Terima Kasih.

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