Contoh Genre of Text: Anecdote dan Penjelasannya

Snake in the Bathroom

  1. How would you like to find a snake in you bath?
  2. We had just moved into a new house, which had been empty for so long that everything was in a terrible mess. Anna and I decided that we would clean the bath first, so we set to, and turned on the tap.
  3. Suddenly to my horror, a snake’s head appeared in the plug hole. Then out slithered the rest of his long thin body. He twisted and turned on the slippery bottom of the bath, spitting and hissing at us.
  4. For an instant I stood there quite paralyzed. Then I yelled for my husband, who luckily came running and killed the snake with the handle of a broom.
    Anna, who was only three at the time, was quite interested in the whole business. Indeed I had to pull her out of the way or she’d probably have lean over the bath to get a better look.
  5. We found out later that it was a black mamba, a poisonous kind of snake. It had obviously been fast asleep, curled up at the bottom of the nice warm water-pipe. It must have had an awful shock when the cold water came trickling down! But nothing to the shock I got! Ever since then I’ve always put the plug in firmly before running the bath water.


  • Anecdote selalu menggunakan Past tense 
  • Bahasa Interaktif, bisa dilihat pada kalimat pembuka.
  • Menggunakan tanda seru (!) pada paragraf terakhir dijumpai ada 2 tanda seru.
  • Abstarct: abstarksi sebuah cerita ular di kamar mandi (paragraf 1).
  • Orientation: memperkenalkan setting cerita. Pelakunya adalah We dan kejadiannya adalah setelah pindah rumah. (paragraf 2)
  • Crisis: Pada paragraf (3). Kata horor saja sudah cukup menjelaskan keadaan kritis.
  • Reaction: Paragraf (4), reaksi bagaimana sang suami membunuh ular dengan handle of bathroom.
  • Coda: Ever since then I’ve always put the plug in firmly before running the bath water.

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