Contoh Brosur (Brochure) dalam Bahasa Inggris

A. Pengertian.

Brochure atau yang dalam bahasa Indonesia disebut dengan brosur adalah terbitan tidak berkala yang dapat terdiri dari satu hingga sejumlah kecil halaman, tidak terkait dengan terbitan lain, dan selesai dalam sekali terbit.

B. Contoh Brosur dalam Bahasa Inggris.

High School Brochure


  1. Freshmen
    • Entrance examination (satisfactory rating entrance examination)
    • Past the interview with the principal or authorized representatives
    • Submission of the following:
      * Report Book
      * Birth Certificate
  2. Old Student.
    Presentation of Report Book
    Satisfactory grade in conduct
    No Academic Deficiency
  3. Transferees
    In addition to the given requirements, for freshmen, recommendation/certification of good moral character from the principal or the guidance counselor of the school last attendeed required.

This institution was known as first Naval Reservation of Junior College. It was passed by the Lindayag Family in 1961 to the Columban Fathers. The First Director of Columban College was Royhan Ahmad Alghifari.

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