Contoh Surat Komplain Layanan dalam Bahasa Inggris

Sebuah surat ketidakpuasan adalah surat yang Anda kirim ketika Anda tidak puas dengan sesuatu. Penggunaan umum dari surat ini termasuk mengeluh tentang layanan pelanggan, mengeluh tentang produk yang Anda beli. Misalnya, jika Anda memiliki perselisihan dengan rekan bisnis, dan Anda tidak setuju dengan cara mereka menangani situasi, Anda akan menulis surat kepada mereka yang menyatakan ketidakpuasan perasaan Anda tentang masalah ini.

Contoh surat ketidak puasan dalam bahasa Inggris

Rahmat Hidayat

Badegan, Bantul
Yogyakarta, postal code 55711


To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to express the poor service I received when I called your customer service line on January 15th, 2009.

I had originally purchased an external hard drive from your company. When I got home, I was having trouble setting it up. So, I read the information sheet and decided to call your customer service department.

After being put on hold for over 10 minutes, I was greeted by a rather unprofessional employee. They kept on interrupting me, they were rude, and they offered no real solution to my problem. In the end, I returned the hard drive to the store, and it is safe to say I will never be purchasing another one of your products.

If you truly value your customers, I highly suggest you teach your customer service representatives how to deal with people.


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